Brijit is an award winning artist from Tampa, FL who has always had an eye for things that are unique and beautiful. After years of  delivering bold, colorful paintings to her clients' walls, she is pursuing her artistic dreams and branching out beyond canvas to apparel and accessories. The Bottega Brijit brand was conceived in the artist's hometown and projects the flavor and culture of the Sunshine State― bright colors, bold metallics, lush lashes, full lips and elements of music and poetry― all characterized by her designs. They're a representation of the elements she considers vital: confidence, creativity, fearlessness. Brijit's vibrant paintings do not hold back on color, detail or craftsmanship. There is a wow factor in her work that captures evocative elements of glamour, beauty, and distinctness.

"Art should be worn. Life should be painted."

-Brijit Martinez

"Rows of corn on a pastoral landscape,

funked out corn rows crowning the head of a beautiful woman. Two kinds of corn rows; a shared humanity, and a paradox - these are the spices of life.

Diversity is the only thing we all have in common."


                                                                     -Katherine Concepcion

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